Our soaps are handmade in San Marcos, Dominican Republic, using natural, locally sourced ingredients. Our base blend contains a mixture of coconut, olive, and palm oils to create a rich, nourishing bar of soap. Purchasing these ingredients locally allows us to create an authentic DR product while adding $6,000 a month to the local economy.

We use the traditional cold process method of combining lye and oil, without heat. Each soap cures for a minimum of four weeks before sale, ensuring a high quality and long-lasting bar of soap. 

Each of our soaps is inspired by, and named after, one of our employees or friends in San Marcos. The packaging of each soap features their name. 


Buy now:

Currently, our soap is sold in stores, and available online at $5.00 per bar. Discounts for bulk orders.

Please request soap at the above link and someone will be in touch shortly with an invoice and options for payment.


handmade in san marcos, d.r.

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