We strive to create local employment that keeps families and communities together. All of our employees live in Puerto Plata, the majority living within 3-4 minutes walking distance from our space.

We focus on employing single parents and young adults in an effort to decrease the dropout rates in the Dominican Republic. By supporting single parents we believe that kids have a better chance at finishing their education. By employing young adults we are able to support them through university. 

Our employees receive training in the entire soap making process, but are assigned specific roles within the program that they can take ownership of. Through our impact activities they are exposed to new cultures, practice English, and gain valuable experience in the tourism industry which is prominent in Puerto Plata.

Most importantly, we have a lot of fun creating a great product! To keep our people at the heart of what we do, we name our soaps after our employees and friends in San Marcos. We are a vibrant and unique group, which is represented in our many soaps


More than a job, it’s a collaboration for the community.
— Carmen
I’m really proud to be a part of this project.
— Esterlin